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Webtail for Cloudflare Workers

View live requests and logs from Cloudflare Workers from the comfort of your browser. A few enhancements over what's provided by default in the Cloudflare dashboard:

  • Tail multiple workers at the same time
  • Advanced filtering and multi-color output similar to wrangler tail
  • Durable object class/name/id and colo information can be surfaced with logprops
  • Multiple profiles, switch easily between multiple accounts
  • No need to log in with your full Cloudflare credentials. Profiles are stored locally in the browser, and can be permissioned only for tailing workers
  • Implemented as an open-source Cloudflare Worker, deploy it to your own account, or host it locally with denoflare


Enhance the tail output by including additional information about each request!

You can provide additional properties to requests by calling console.log with a special prefix: logprops: and including the properties as a JSON object with string properties.

e.g. to provide the colo for a Durable Object request (which does not include colo information by default):

console.log(`logprops: ${JSON.stringify({ colo: 'DFW' })}`);

or, even easier, as an additional object arg

console.log('logprops:', { colo: 'DFW' });

Currently, webtail surfaces the following properties in its tail output, if provided by the worker:

  • colo: useful for DO requests which do not include this information by default, e.g. DFW
  • durableObjectClass: name of the current Durable Object class, e.g. MyCounterDO
  • durableObjectId: hex id of the current Durable Object instance, available via e.g. 538fc7ce55b14e53b6b8552befeb9af4
  • durableObjectName: name used in the idFromName call, you need to pass this down yourself in each DO fetch call

Deploy it to your own account

Since it is a standard module-based Cloudflare Worker, you can deploy it like any other worker with denoflare push:

denoflare push --name webtail \

Host it locally

Since it is a standard module-based Cloudflare Worker, you can run it locally like any other worker with denoflare serve:

denoflare serve \