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Develop, test, and deploy Cloudflare Workers with Deno

Denoflare CLI

denoflare is a single cli tool to make developing and deploying Cloudflare Workers simple.

No need for Wrangler , Node , npm , or webpack 🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯

Install denoflare

Deno is a great fit for Workers development, the runtime is based on the modern Web Platform , just like Workers, is secure by default , is based on ESM modules , and has a built-in bundler .

Denoflare can:

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Deploy via files or URLs

Denoflare leverages Deno for bundling, so it works great for local files, but also URLs. Deploying a module-based hello worker is trivial:

denoflare push


Denoflare is still under active initial development (pre 1.0), but is completely open-source and can be used as is.


The core serve, push, site, and analytics subcommands have been stable for while, so the focus at the moment is to provide first-class support for the expanding suite of Cloudflare's platform products such as:

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Made with Denoflare

These projects are known to have used denoflare for development.

Monitor the Bluesky firehose!

Watch live requests and logs for your Cloudflare Workers in the browser!

deno bundle as a service

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