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denoflare cfapi

Call the Cloudflare REST API


$ denoflare cfapi --help
denoflare-cfapi 0.5.2

Call the Cloudflare REST API

    denoflare cfapi <subcommand> <args> <options>

    list-scripts                     List Worker scripts
    get-worker-account-settings      Get worker account settings
    put-worker-account-settings      Set worker account settings
    list-flags                       List account-level flags
    list-zones                       List zones
    put-key-value                    Set KV value
    get-key-value                    Get KV value
    list-workers-domains             List Workers domains
    put-workers-domain               Create a Workers domain
    delete-workers-domain            Delete a Worker domain
    list-buckets                     List R2 buckets
    create-bucket                    Create a new R2 bucket
    delete-bucket                    Delete a R2 bucket
    verify-token                     Verify an api token
    list-memberships                 List memberships
    list-accounts                    List accounts
    get-user                         Get user info
    list-durable-objects-namespaces  List Durable Objects namespaces
    list-durable-objects             List Durable Objects for a given namespace
    list-pubsub-namespaces           List Pub/Sub namespaces
    create-pubsub-namespace          Create a Pub/Sub namespace
    delete-pubsub-namespace          Delete a Pub/Sub namespace
    list-pubsub-brokers              List Pub/Sub brokers
    create-pubsub-broker             Create a Pub/Sub broker
    delete-pubsub-broker             Delete a Pub/Sub broker
    generate-pubsub-credentials      Generate credentials for a Pub/Sub broker
    revoke-pubsub-credentials        Revoke credentials for a Pub/Sub broker
    list-pubsub-revocations          List revocations for a Pub/Sub broker
    delete-pubsub-revocations        Delete revocations for a Pub/Sub broker

For subcommand-specific help: denoflare cfapi <subcommand> --help